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Vendor/MBE Registration

Prince George's County, Maryland, publicly advertises its solicitations for bids and proposals in newspapers of general circulation within Prince George's County and by providing notice to selected vendors on our bidders list thereby satisfying its legal "public notice" requirements. In addition, the County maintains a 24-hour Business Opportunities "Hot Line" where businesses may obtain information on current contract opportunities by calling: (301) 883-6128.

As a courtesy to businesses who have requested individual notifications of contracting opportunities, the County maintains an automated "Bidders List." The County sends a solicitation notice to those whose names appear on the automated "Bidders List" under the class code for the item being procured. Copies of bids are made available upon receipt of the applicable bid fee. The County does not however contract with Brokers unless brokering is determined by the County to be standard practice in the applicable industry.

In order to take advantage of the Prince George's County Minority Business Program, a firm must be certified by the Prince George's County Minority Business Development Division. Instructions for becoming a Prince George's County Certified Minority Business Enterprise are provided here.

To be placed on the County's "Bidder's List", you must complete the Vendor/MBE Registration Form, Company Data Form and Vendor Commodity and Service Information Form.

Effective July 1, 2010, there are new requirements for Vendors doing business with Prince George's County...Read More...


Please read these instructions carefully before completing the forms.

After registration, vendors who fail to respond to bids on the same commodity for three successive bid openings, may be automatically removed from the Bidder's Mailing List for that commodity without prior notification.

The responsibility is on the company for the accuracy of the information. The Correspondance sent to these addresses or email addresses and not read are the responsibility of the individual companies. Any contact or changes made to the company, will require a resubmit as specified in end bullets.

Mail or Deliver Completed Applications to:
Contract Administration & Procurement Division
1400 McCormick Drive, Room 200
Largo, Maryland 20774
Phone Number: (301) 883-6400

Vendor/MBE Registration

In the upper right hand corner of the form, place an "X" if this is an "initial application" or a "revision" to an existing application in the boxes provided and fill in the Bidder Number if known. Complete each block with the information indicated below:

  1. COMPANY NAME: The name of the business concern making application.

  2. MAIN OFFICE: The address of the concern and telephone number (include area codes and any extensions).

  3. BUYER CONTACT: Include any address or telephone number specifically reserved for sales representative of the concern. If this block is not completed, invitations to bid will be mailed to the MAIN OFFICE address.

  4. REMIT TO NAME & ADDRESS: Include any address specially reserved for payment in this block. If this block is not completed, checks will be mailed to the MAIN OFFICE address.

  5. BUSINESS OPERATING LICENSE TYPES: List any operating licenses required by Federal, State or local authorities for the goods or services you wish to provide.

  6. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Indicate the number of full-time employees and the number of part-time employees in the branch office and the total number of full and part-time company employees.

  7. CONTROLLING INTEREST: If the company is registering as a minority business, it must be at least 51% owned and controlled by member(s) of a minority group. A minority individual is defined as an African American, Hispanic American, Asian American or Female. Please mark all that apply. Note that the affidavit at the bottom of the form requires that you acknowledge this definition. If the applicant indicates on the application that they are a minority firm and desires to receive the benefits of the minority business program, the applicant needs to become certified as a minority business by the County's Minority Business Development Division.

  8. CATEGORY: Mark the appropriate business category from the definitions below:
    A. Manufacturer or Producer: A firm, organization or individual who (1) controls the design and production components, with or without modification, into more complex items.
    B. Distributor: A firm, organization or individual who acquires goods from the manufacturer or producer for resale to a dealer, retailer or ultimate consumer. A distributor may sell goods from his own inventory, from a consignment inventory in his possession or may sell for shipment to be made directly from the manufacturer's stock.
    C. Dealer: A firm, organization or individual who acquires goods from a distributor for resale to the ultimate consumer.
    D. Service Establishment: A firm, organization or individual whose primary business is to (1) provide skilled tradesman to perform maintenance, repairs or renovations to customer owned equipment or properties, (2) provide skilled and competent personnel to produce: (a) a set of articles for a particular use, (b) provide beneficial information, (c) perform technical or professional tasks.
    E. Architect/Engineer & Other Professional Services: The service of attorneys, corporations, architects, groups whose services are customarily negotiated because of the individuality of those services and because they do not lend themselves to a fixed price bid.

  9. TYPE OF ORGANIZATION: Indicate if the organization is a "Corporation", "Partnership" or "Sole Proprietorship" and date established.

  10. OTHER TRADE NAMES: Enter other names this business has operated under.

  11. STATE OF INCORPORATION: If incorporated, indicate in what state the incorporation papers are filed.

  12. FEDERAL ID NO.: If the concern is incorporated, enter your "Federal Identification Number"; if an unincorporated company, enter the "Business Identification Number"; if an individual, enter your "Social Security Number."

  13. FAX #: Provide your Facsimile (FAX) number in the block if you wish to receive communications by this method.

  14. AFFIDAVIT: Read carefully and sign.


This form provides the County with information about the officers of the company. Indicate if this application is an initial application or a revision.

  1. BIDDER NO.: Enter Bidder's number, if known. This number is assigned to applicant firm by the County upon approval and entry of data into the automated Bidder's List.

  2. BIDDER NAME: Put the name of the concern in the space provided as it appears on the other forms.

  3. LIST THE NAMES OF THE OFFICERS OF THE COMPANY: List the various officers in the corporation, indicate minority status and date elected/appointed to office in appropriate spaces.

  4. CURRENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS: List name, minority status, dates of service, home address, percentage of ownership in corporation, number of shares held in corporation and date stock was purchased in spaces provided.


Read the information contained in the Commodity Information Booklet that came with the application packet. Please note that by completing this form you are stating your ability and your readiness to provide commodities/services indicated by the code. It does not however serve as a method of vendor pre-qualification. Each commodity or service is represented by a class number and a code. Read the descriptions in the Commodity Information Booklet until you find those commodities or services you wish to supply to Prince George's County.

  1. BIDDER NO.: Place Bidder's number in block, if known. This number is assigned to applicant firm by the County upon approval and entry of data into the automated Bidder's List.

  2. BIDDER NAME: Place the name of the concern in the space provided near the top of the form.

  3. INITIAL OR REVISED APPLICATION: Indicate if the application is new or revised.